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Produttività Foto e video
Sviluppatore RC3, INC.
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Show photos from multiple albums, arrange order, delete photos, add music, transitions, loop, save custom shows, and more.

NOTE: iOS requires that location services be on for this application in order to select more than one image at a time.

The premier slideshow application for Photographers, Designers, Students and anybody wanting to showcase their work in a more unique manner

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Shows for Pros, Shows for Pros, gotta have me more shows for pros...

This application will allow you to create slideshows of your favorite images for clients, prospective employers or even just for family and friends... It will take the images and loop them continuously, making your ipad/iphone a digital portfolio and a formidable marketing tool. It will also act as sort of a digital folder allowing people to view pics from your recent vacation or wedding to showing clients your body of work... the great thing about show for pros is its wide array of uses...

This app designed and developed by John DeFiora and Robb Chamberlain

Photography provided by John DeFiora: